2015-05-27 10:22 pm
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The beginning

I created this blog some time ago, and then didn't post anything. The purpose I hope this portal will serve is a way for me to present my ideas on religion/spirituality. To be clear, I don't have any spiritual beliefs, and I don't subscribe to any organized religion in a substantial way. I have identified as Buddhist, insofar as I believe in a philosophy of personal responsibility and believe that choices have consequences.

However, I don't believe in God, or any kind of afterlife. Heaven and hell are constructs of Christian dogma, and even agents of evil have antecedents that have nothing to do with the destruction of humanity. I want to explore all of this and more, and hopefully get some commentary from readers (of which there are probably none now).

My hope is to have a fruitful and thought provoking discussion on a variety of topics. I hope to keep my entries short and concise, dealing with a few issues at a time...though I really hope to deal with one issue at a time.